Scooter Projects Gallery

Here we show you some of the modifications we have done in the past or are doing at the moment. Simply click on the pictures and enjoy.

CPI Oliver 50 2006 Scooter

I brought this scooter to get around the city after the earthquakes and quickly realised just how much fun scooters are…. But it was just too slow!!!!!

Here is what we did: tuned Malossi multiva variator, tuned rollers, kevla drive belt, adjusable rear torgue pully, Dr Pully cam clutch, stage 6 race clutch bell, stage 6 70cc barrel/piston kit, Leo Vince hand made exhaust, larger Del’Orto carb, pod filter, stage 6 inlet manifold, Polini boost bottle, stage 6 v force reed block and pettels, Keisler full circle stroker crank, stage 6 race bearing and seal kit, Malossi final drive up gear kit (more top end), Naraku race CDI and ignition coil (more revs stronger spark), off set woodruff timing key (advances timing), rev counter, YSS rear race suspension, tuned front forks, quick twist throttle, digital dash, custom carbon fibre guards, custom paint work, reupholstered seat and a pukeko in a punga tree!!

A lot of work and tuning later and…. It’s not slow any more!!

Suzuki SJ50 2006

This scooter began in a similar way to the Oliver being transport in the post earth quake traffic. It went well but my customer wanted a little more without going mad soooo….

Here’s what we did: Malossi multiva, 65cc big bore barrel/piston kit, pod filter, Malossi final drive up gear kit and a Technigas exhaust.

This is a 10 inch wheel small scooter and very high revving. We found by adding the up gear kit it smoothed out the power keeping its zippie fun feel and making it very enjoyable to ride. Keeping up easily and safely with the traffic, including the 70kph zones.

Aprilla Habana 50 1999

This old girl has style and grace all over it. Very retro in design and being a 12 inch wheel is a nice size scooter to ride.

This scooter being 13 years old was in very good order but my customer wanted to freshen her up and make a few improvements at the same time. Some flavour you might say.

Here’s what we did: Malossi multiva kit, Malossi big bore 70cc barrl/piston kit, larger Del’Orto car, pod filer, Polini final drive up gear kit and a technigas exhaust

Being a larger bike this had a great base but was a bit high revving. The up gear kit really calmed it down and brought it to life without losing the fun of the excellent acceleration and top speed. This is one of my favourite bikes to ride, very smooth and stable and easily keeps up in the traffic including the 70Kph zones

Piaggio Zip 50 2011

This is the latest addition to the rocket ship family. My customer came to me with his bike already having had the big bore barrel/piston kit fitted and a Leo Vince street sport exhaust but nothing else. It went ok but it felt like it was running with it’s fingers up it’s nose.

This was not acceptable and I couldn’t help myself. We had to remove the fingers!!!

Here’s what we have done so far: New custom race head for the existing Malossi big bore barrel, larger Del’Orto carb, pod filter, full race SIP exhaust, Malossi multiva variater kit, a stage 6 v force reed block with carbon pettels and stage 6 inlet manifold.

This scooter is already a wheelie machine off the mark! It’s so much fun to ride and is a proper rocket ship, but…. We must have more!!!!

Here’s whats next; We are fitting a Keisler full circle stroker crank, stage 6 race crank bearing and seal kit, adjustable race clutch and matching bell, off set woodruff key to advance the timing, stronger rear contra spring (for torque balance), kevla race drive belt and a rev counter (just cause).

I’ve no idea how fast this is going to go or how I’m going to keep the front wheel down (hee hee) but by the powers of Grey Skull I can’t wait to find out!